Happy birthday to Amy who is currently doing work experience with us!

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Happy Birthday Wishes to Amy Asher from Bluntisham! Amy is 17 this week! Amy is currently doing work experience at the Day Centre as part of the Health and Social Care Course she is doing at Huntingdon Regional College. As part of this work placement Amy comes to Centre once a week until June and over the course of her time with the Centre she will complete at least 100 hours of work experience with us. Her main activities at the Day Centre include talking to members, providing much needed social contact, making teas and coffees, assisting with meals and generally helping out. Amy has particularly enjoyed getting to know the volunteers at the Centre as well as all of the members and has found the experience working here very helpful in understanding that elderly people all have their own identities and interests and how they all take care of each other. She has enjoyed learning how to look after elderly people and talking with them. One member told her about his time in the Royal Air Force, which she found very relevant as when she completes this course she aims to go on to a Uniform Service Course as she aims to join the Navy. Here is Amy with two of our lovely volunteers, Christine and Rosemary!