Meet Jade!

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Meet the lovely Jade Crawford age 16 from Somersham who has been doing work experience at the Day Centre since October as part of the Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care she is studying at Parkside Sixth Form College in Cambridge. The Health & Social Care unit of her Diploma included completing at least 100 hours of work experience in the field and isn’t the Day Centre lucky that she selected us to do this with? As well as the unit in Health & Social Care, Jade also has to study units in the care of mild dementia, safe practice in social care and mental health needs. She is particularly enjoying her work experience at the Day Centre as it has given her practical experience in aspects of social care of the frail and elderly. Her main activities at the Day Centre have included talking to members, providing much needed social contact, making teas and coffees and generally helping out. She really enjoys talking to members and learning about their lives (one member told her about their experience during the war of drawing sea maps)! Jade will be really missed when she finishes her work experience next month and everyone at the Day Centre wishes her well as she completes her diploma in 2019, after which she is thinking about teaching or nursing. Outside of her studies Jade enjoys socialising with friends, working at a garden centre and meeting new people! Here is Jade with some of our lovely volunteers (Nancy, Hilary and Rena)